Contact Lense Motive Cat Yellow


These contact lenses are quality special effect lenses manufactured in Germany and according to the latest technological levels. The designs are sealed into the lenses by using multiple layers in a sandwich process. That effectively prevents individual pigments from flaking even during repeated wear. The contact lenses are non-prescription, which means they do not affect your natural vision at all. The Lenses covers the natural color of your iris completely. The pupil is not obstructed, so vision is not impaired.
The lenses can be used as often as required for a 12 month period, starting from when the seals are broken on the containers. Unopened the Lenses have a shelf life of many years.
After use the contact lenses must be stored in a suitable solution. Please see our solutions and Care Case.

Water content: 42%
Polyhema: 58%
Base curve 8.6mm
Diameter 14,5mm
Packaging 2 in a box
Replacement: 12month