Our Story

Party Forever Story

Party Forever was at first an idea that party mad Company Director Ben first had back in April 2011. Starting the business with pure drive and determination,  Ben set up his first online business via EBay selling a vast range of party supplies. This continued from the comfort of his house until February 2012. During this period Party Forever fulfilled several orders for decorations requested by brides for weddings and Easy Jet Airlines at Newcastle International Airport.

Following the success of our online presence and the response received by our loyal Facebook and social media fans. We made the decision to open our very first shop on 04th February 2012. Our Coxhoe store is home to a large range of party supplies, fancy dress and greeting cards.

March 15th 2014 was the official opening day of our latest City Centre store in Durham. Our aim was to open a store central to Durham allowing neighbouring village’s easier access to our products and services. Opening this store has had a positive impact on both The City of Durham and The Gate’s Shopping Centre. In the process we have also managed to create several new jobs for local un-employed and out of education persons. 

Our Durham store although extremely popular had to close its doors on November 3rd 2014 due to the sale and development plans to change the use of The Gates Shopping Centre. Our time in the City of Durham was short lived but we continue to provide a service to the Universities of Durham, businesses and public living in the surrounding villages.

Birthday Celebrations: On 11th April 2016 we celebrated our 5th Birthday. This is a massive achievement for us and any small business who can reach this milestone. It's an achievement we wouldn't have made without the continued support from our fabulous customers and local businesses within the region who continue to use our huge range of products and services. 

To be continued...